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Try JC Acupressure for your back pains and sinuses

After doing gymnastics for 15 years, I was left with some physical evidence of the extremes to which I had subjected my body on a daily basis. The damage was mostly evident in my lower back and from the age of 16 I could not walk through a shopping mall without experiencing excruciating back pain and would usually have to sit down somewhere and rest for a while. 
One of my colleagues recommended that I visit Jeff Chen, at JC Acupressure, after he helped her when she had similar pains. Her confidence in him led me to book an appointment.

I found Jeff very welcoming and friendly when I arrived for my appointment. After a quick chat in his office, I told him all about my lower back problem. He explained to me what the causes of this could have been.

We then walked through to his massaging room where he began by checking my body alignment. After investigating my feet, ankles and hips, he found that my hips were not balanced which meant the one leg was slightly shorter than the other and this was the cause of my back problem. He assured me that he could re-align my body and explained to me exactly what he was going to do.

He started massaging my lower back, which was somewhat painful at first. He then massaged my upper back, arms, legs, neck, head, chest and sinuses before returning to my lower back again. He massaged me from head to toe putting hot beanbags on the areas he had already massaged to keep the muscles warm.

I really enjoyed the massage! Jeff made me feel relaxed by talking to me and continuously explaining the process. The soft music in the background provided a tranquil atmosphere.

The cracking noises that my body made towards the end of the massage actually made me feel good. It felt like the pain was leaving the body. Afterwards he checked my hip, leg and ankle balance again and explained to me what had happened.

To test his hard work, I went to the closest mall for shopping. The results were phenomenal! I felt no back pain at all for the first time in many years!

Although I experienced this phenomenal improvement after just one session, I still have to do at least another two sessions to better the results and ensure that all my body parts stay ‘in place’. I will ask him to focus on my life-long sinus problem next time; who knows, I could be the only person in PE without a runny nose this winter.

By: Liande Barnard

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